Cookies Policy

What are cookies and why are they necessary?

“Cookie” is a small text file, which is downloaded by an “end-device” (for example - computer or smartphone), when the user access a website. It allows the website to function properly, to recognize the device and to store certain information about the user’s preferences or past actions (for example - language choice, font size, login, etc.), which are stored for a certain amount of time, so you don’t need to enter information again.

Upon loading the page and browsing its content “cookies” are used, which allow its proper function (so called mandatory cookies), preserving the information, which is entered by you (when applicable), like collecting summed up information for statistical usage and page visits.

Cookies also allow us to analyze how Facebook products work (mostly Messenger), their interaction with ads, websites and apps, which our clients use. More information about Facebook's Privacy Policy can be found here and for their cookies - here.

When we use Google Extensions like Google Adwords, Google processes your personal data. For more information read here.

How to control the cookies and other apps?

In order to control the cookies, which are used in our website, you have to set your browser. How to do that depends on the type of your browser and its settings: for Google Chrome click here, for Mozilla click here, for Internet Explorer click here.

To learn more about cookies we recommend you to visit, as well as,

Through the appointed above way you can control or/and delete the cookies you wish. You can delete all the cookies, which are already stored on your PC and you can also set most of the browsers to block them in the future.

If you do this though, you you might have to manually set some parameters every time you visit certain website and it is possible for some services and functions to not working, including our website not loading.

To learn more about how to control the ads, which you see through using Facebook, whose app Massenger is embedded in our website for communication purposes, read here

To control the Google functionality to show personalized ads, visit Google’s Ads Settings.

To turn off the cookies usage by third parties, visit Network Advertising Initiative opt-out page or opt

To control Facebook’s functionality to show personalized ads, visit this link.  


What kind of cookies do we use?


Necessary cookies

They are cookies, supporting basic technical aspects of the website, without which it would not function in a useful way and it would not be possible to offer the services asked by the user. These cookies don’t collect personal data, which would be used for marketing purposes or for remembering actions on the internet.

Cookies for Efficiency/Analytical Cookies

These cookies are used to present us with statistical information about our website efficiency (for example - counting the visits, traffic sources, etc.)

Targeted cookies

They are set to show targeted ads based on your interests in the website or to manage our ads. These “cookies” collect information about your activities in our website, as well others, to provide you with specifically targeted ads.

Third Party Cookies

Please be advised the third parties (including, for example, providers of outside services like web traffic analysis services) could also use cookies, which we don’t control. These cookies often are analytical “cookies” or cookies for providing personalized content. Also included are cookies from social networks and platforms, which allow easier content sharing in different social platforms.